1, Free sample is available ?

Yes, we are happy to send below 6 rolls free samples for quality evaluation.You would only need to pay the freight.

2, How about MOQ?

For neutral packaging: 1 Carton.

For OEM packaging: About 3,000 rolls, more details could be negotiable.

3, How about the lead time?  

1)Within 15-20 days for regular packing.

2)Within 20-25 days for OEM production, Exact lead time upon the quantity of your order and the packaging you required.

4, Can our private logo / label be printed on the packaging?

Yes. of course,Your own private logo/ label can be printed on the packaging upon your authorization, we do OEM service for many years.

5,  Are you a manufacturer with your own factory?

Yes. Welcome you to visit our factory any time.

 6, How about your payment term?

By T/T. 30-50% deposit payment, the balance at the time of shipment; Paypal For small trial orders,samples; etc.

 7.Do you have CE/FDA Certificate for Eurpe/Unit states market?

Yes.We have exported to Eurpe and USA market for many years.